Got married, moved west   12 January 2013

Posting that last video made me realize I’ve been really bad about keeping up on this whole blog thing. I hadn’t said anything about getting married to Deana back in August, or packing up and leaving New York, the month we spent in Reno while I found a job and apartment here in Berkeley. Well, that all happened and at some point it’ll end up in a video.

We found a really nice apartment right the middle of Downtown Berkeley, I got a great new job at a startup in SF called Recurly and we’ve seen a lot more of my side of family. It’s strange how different Berkeley is from Brooklyn: there’s no trash or graffiti, 50°F is considered cold, you can always smell someone walking down the street smoking weed. Some of the grimier things were what gave Brooklyn a real texture and flavor. I haven’t quite figured out Berkeley’s flavor but I really do love having a board game store right around the corner for those nights I need to run out for a copy of Carcassonne.

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